We have a number of loyal and committed customers who are growing crops using non-inversion technology

and have benefited from applying this system, here are some of their comments.


David Woodhouse from Kent

"Having been in farming for 40 years, I believe in working with nature instead of fighting it.  You get the best results and control costs by working with intelligence.  Thanks to the soil loosener we have had one of our best harvests ever, and our yields have out performed neighbouring farms.  The whole process felt infinitely better."

Lindsay Heath from Wales

" We used the soil loosener in front of the power harrow drill, leaving it as good as ploughing.  Planted winter wheat and winter barley, crops looked well in the autumn and were still looking good despite a wet spring.  Our neighbour was unable to spread fertiliser on his spring crop but despite similar conditions we are able to get out there the same day and complete the job."

Paul Strudwick from W Sussex

"Working with the soil loosener in dry conditions after harvest, we found it loosened the soil but still retained the moisture, the ground was so hard nothing else would have touched it.  It does not bring up any wet from underneath, it was so easy to pull, I used it in front of a power harrow drill, and I'm very satisfied with the results."



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